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Being a Toronto based DJ/Promoter and having a passion for languages, both of my interests have lead me to the creation of this Blog to introduce and promote World Artists and DJs! I sincerely hope to cross language barriers helping to cultivate an appreciation of dance beats from all around the world and for talented singers whose songs do not need to be understood to be enjoyed! Yours Truly! XoXo

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Introducing BOA to America!!!

BOA is a Korean-born singer who in the last decade has become a superstar all over Asia and is now attempting to take over the world with her hot new single EAT YOU UP! She is one of the top-selling artists in Japan and has been remixed by world-renowned DJs!!!


Amazing Kiss (Thunderpuss Japanese Club mix)
Listen To My Heat (HexHector Main Japanese Club Mix)
Girls On Top (Korean R&B Remix)
ID Peace B (Shinichi Osawa Remix)
Don't Start Now (Two Main Guys Remix)
Every Heart (Groove That Soul Mix)

xoxo DJDavinci

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