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Being a Toronto based DJ/Promoter and having a passion for languages, both of my interests have lead me to the creation of this Blog to introduce and promote World Artists and DJs! I sincerely hope to cross language barriers helping to cultivate an appreciation of dance beats from all around the world and for talented singers whose songs do not need to be understood to be enjoyed! Yours Truly! XoXo

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Japanese Cover of 2 House Classics!!! Updated!

SING IT BACK (2009 Japanese version)


OMG I love this track! Hope you do too!

Just a second cover of a great 90's dance track!

DON'T CALL ME BABY! (2010 Japanese version)


xoxo DJ da Vinci

Saturday, August 29, 2009

New BOA music video is HOT!!!

Desole! Lo Siento! Sumimasen! Sorry for the absence! I've been waiting for GREAT new world remixes to post and FINALLY some amazing club mixes were released so stay tuned...

For now check out the third HOT single from BOA's first album released in North America! With such COOL music videos and GREAT songs, I just don't understand why this talented singer has not become MORE popular with english-speaking audiences!!!

See u soon...
xoxo Dj da Vinci