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Being a Toronto based DJ/Promoter and having a passion for languages, both of my interests have lead me to the creation of this Blog to introduce and promote World Artists and DJs! I sincerely hope to cross language barriers helping to cultivate an appreciation of dance beats from all around the world and for talented singers whose songs do not need to be understood to be enjoyed! Yours Truly! XoXo

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Old School FRENCH CANADIAN Hits!!!

Growing up in Canada in the French Province of Quebec, I'm pretty nostalgic about the cheezy 80's pop songs I enjoyed as a kid! Even if you don't speak French, you're sure to recognize right away the 80's synthesizers and drum beats LOL Some of them actually pass the test of time while others just sounds hilarious! Check it out!

QUEBECOIS TOP 10 Quetaine!
"Helene" by ROCH VOISINE
"Dis-Moi, Dis-Moi" by MITSOU
"Ça va Bien!" by KATHLEEN
"Billy" by JULIE MASSE
"Lavez, Lavez" by MARTINE ST-CLAIR
"Repartir A Zero" by JOE BOCAN
"L'Aigle Noir" by MARIE CARMEN
"Mon Mec A Moi" by PATRICIA KAAS
"Ella, Elle L'A" by FRANCE GALL
"Apoca Arrive" by MELGROOVE

BONUS: Folkloric MegaMix by LA BOLDUC

C'est quetaine en estie mais c'est bon!

XoXo Dj da Vinci

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